I gOt 6 12s?

What the heck is this song talking about? I asked my son but he was so disgusted that I didn’t know that he couldn’t answer me. Does everyone get this but me? Oh no, it’s ‘there are no tigers in Africa’ all over again!

11 Answers

  • Six, twelve inch sub-woofers.

  • Webbie 6 12s

  • I got 6 12s.

    Webbie got six 12 inch speakers in his whip. come on, now…you know this…..

    I got 6 12s oh you could tellI got 6 12s oh you could tell

    I gotta alot of people who wont to steal my . I got 6 12s oh you can hear my

  • Its a song by webbie off his new cd called savage life 2 track 2 hes talking about 6 12"subwoffers in his car if you listing tothe lyricshe tells you

  • I’d personally keep what you have now. If you’re asking here and not at the shop where this was done( under assumption), you might be willing to listen to anybody. With that being said, that seemingly simple choice could end up being a disaster. Oh, and bandpass will only be very loud within a very small frequency range.

  • 6 12" EPs hopefully from credible old school artists that will influence him and his homiez to make some decent Hip Hop.

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    Do not go bandpass, keep your ported box. It gives you a nice loose feel with the bass. I would keep the one you got. Don’t overthink it. just make sure that you have the frequency set around 30 – 45 hz.


  • yea ummm wah?

    wazz ur question ?

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