I gotta quit sugary drinks any advice?

They give me stomach aches yes even juice does too but it’s it too hard i am addicted to Full Throtle energy drinks

3 Answers

  • Wean yourself off them. It’ll take a few weeks to not crave something anymore. 

    During this time, have a cup of soda water with a splash of the sugary drink you’re craving in it instead. Put the rest in the fridge to use over the next few days. You can start with a higher concentrate if thats too hard and then keep watering it down, but if its giving you stomach aches I think its time to be super strict. 

    If not, you can try going cold turkey but from experience that makes me crave it even more.

  • If you tough it out for 2 to 3 weeks, the addiction dies out and you will not have cravings anymore. The fact thtat sugary drinks are giving you stomach aches is a powerful motivator .. remind yourself of this anytime you feel the desire to drink a sugary drink.

  • I gave up soda Years ago, just seltzer with a bit of lemon or lime now. 

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