I guess since Democrats know they can’t beat Trump their going to spend the next 8 years inventing phony scandals trying to impeach him?

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  • That’s exactly what they’re doing. It hasn’t nothing to do with reality but more with revenge for the wrongs they think were done to them. “They held up Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court, so we’re going to do it! They investigated Benghazi because 4 nobodies were killed and there was a cover-up, so we’re going to pretend that Trump colluded with the Russians!” What a waste of time these people are!

  • No……. we’re going to impeach him and put him in prison if possible.

  • That’s the way liberals roll.

    I mean you’ve seen the questions. They seriously believe that everyone that disagrees with them is a greedy, racist bigot, or part of the irredeemable deplorables.

  • benghazi was phony too dumbass

  • You couldn’t make this scandal up — a real life, genuine idiot has taken up residence in the White House!

  • Yeah, the hacking was phoney, Kislyak is not spy recruiter, no Trump team had contacts with Russians. Let’s believe Putin’s puppets and not our OWN security agencies!

  • After the Harvard study on media basis I was flipping through the cable news network this morning , wondering if they were correct:

    CNN/MSNBC: Morning Joy blasting the Trump team in Saudi, claiming the appear out of touch? Really?

    CNN of course all talk Obstruction of justice

    At Least Fox reported on How the King pulled out all the Pomp for Trump’s arrival and personally met him on the tarmac vs. when Obama came he didn’t meet him on his arrival and no pomp

    but would you know this Fact if you watched CNN/MSNBC today? Of course not

  • So that’s a phony special counsel that was just appointed?

  • wow….do you not remember 8 years of accusing Obama of being a Kenyan Muslim?

  • nope

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