I had a dream that my boyfriend left me for another girl while I was with him. I really need some insight ?

I had a dream last night that my boyfriend left me for another girl while we were on a group trip. The girl was also in our group, who he had just met. They kept running away from me, and trying to get out of my sight. I ended up talking to him about it and he told me that he still loved me but he wanted to be with someone else. He thought he should try it, and also told me to try to date someone else. I remember being in a movie theater with him and he was cuddling with her, as I was right next to him. I was completely devastated.

-My boyfriend and I have been having some problems, but nothing too serious. Mostly just arguing too much, because we’re around each other too much. He isn’t getting enough time with friends and vice versa. Last night we did get into fight about him smoking pot (I hate that he does it and I wish he would stop. But I made him mad by asking if he was going out to smoke pot with his friends that night. And he told me he wished it didn’t affect me… yada yada.) It was a stupid fight.

Why am I having this dream that is making me feel so uneasy? I haven’t talked to him today at all. But I feel like the dream was real and we are broken up.

What is this telling me? I really would appreciate some insight.

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  • i think you are unhappy with this boyfriend and/or you feel a lack of control with this relationship and perhaps you feel a lack of control in other areas of your life

  • you shouldnt bring dreams into the real life it was just a nightmare

    think of it like this if you are being attacked by a monkey in a dream do u believe that it will really happen dont worry about it

  • same here but just give him some space and make him think you trust him and let him smoke even tough he knows you don’t like it is his health, just to see how everything goes for now, but keep an eye on him. if you don’t try to argue with him he won’t argue with you. i feel the same about the hall smoking thing and i feel like saying something every time i see my bf do it but when i do say something it creates an argument, so i say u wouldn’t like to see me doing it. he even lie to me about going to some friend’s house because he was going to smoke and i said i rather him tell me that he is doing that then to lie to me, but that is me.

  • Why? Insecurity. You need to check it out because that sort of feeling can drive you crazy. It leads to a lack of trust and can drive a wedge between your relationship.

  • Guardian angel telling you find someone better 🙂

    I had dreams like this, didn’t listen, married, had a horrible time at it, ex-wife finally divorced me! YAY! Found a new wife, without those crazy dreams, and we get along perfectly!

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