i have 100 mexican peso coin .what is it worth in us dollars?

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  • It is a coin that has been taken out of circulation some 17 years ago.

    It is WOTHLESS . If it were a New paper bill then yes. The old $100.00 peso bill is also worthless.

    The COIN is old fashioned and not used anymore.

    On the face of the Coin is Venustiano Garranza and the country`s coat of arms on the back.

    See the link and also see it is not valid currency

  • Nothing. (Sentimental value only).

    Up until 1992, coins up to 200 pesos (including your 100 peso coin) were in circulation but they had to be exchanged at a rate of 1000 pesos to 1 “new peso” by December 31 1992, at which time they were “demonitized”, having no subsequent value. (Slides 16 & 17 of the PDF below shows coins that were demonitized…see your 100 peso coin in there??)

    Even if Mexico’s Central Bank was still accepting the old coins, at a rate of 1000:1, your 100 peso coin would be worth less than 1 cent.

    Money just ain’t worth what it once was!

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    i have 100 mexican peso coin .what is it worth in us dollars?

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  • It depends upon the year of your coin. If the coin is dated 1992 or before, it would exchange for less than $0.01US, but a coin dated 1993 or after exchanges for about $7.68US. Unfortunately, there is nowhere which will exchange foreign coins of which I am aware. A coin dealer might give you $1US or so for any year. I hope that helps.

  • I have USD $100; how many Mexican Pesos do I have?

  • 100.00 Mexican pesos = 7.66 US dollars

    Exchange rate: 0.076630

    Rate valid as of: 11/23/2009

  • It would only have value to a coin collector.

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