I have 70p on the electric meter will it last one more day?

Ok i live in the united kingdom and i have a electric meter installed downstairs , its on 70pence and its in Emergency credit , the reason its so low is because the only bank i have access to is my partners and shes away , and the ATM swallowed the card , theirs no one i can borrow money from to top it up.

Back to the matter at hand , i just wanna know if theirs anything i can do to save power so it doesn’t cut my power , ive flicked the main power on the lights off , i obviously cant turn the fridge sockets off because it would defrost.

Anyone got any tips : /

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  • you will soon find out lol.

    just switch off everything that is not needed inc everything on standby.

  • Are family has 70p ones and it could last for about 5 – 6 hrs.

    Best things to turn off are:

    TV, Light, Heating will use a lots of Electric, best to use gas.

    Computer does not use a lots of Electric as you might think, it uses about 50 watts, as for tv might use about 100 watts, LCD TV to 500 watts for a larger plasma.

  • Turn the immersion heater off, don’t heat electrically, use electrically powered only when necessary and you should be allright.

    If you are unlucky the standing charge will go off it and then you will be without. Nothing you can do about that.

    Been there and done that when I didn’t want to trod in the rain to top it up:-)

  • Depends if it’s a key meter or card meter.

    Key meter allows credit to run out and continue usage until 9am next day, which enables you to go to shop and get more credit.

    Card meter on other hand is a pain cos when it’s done it’s done. I reckon you may get till this evening on 70p.

    I’ve had card meter to start with but now have key meter.

  • Just turn everything on stand by off. Check all appliances microwave,dvd,computer,radio,video, electric cooker.

    You could phone the supplier and explain the situation and ask what can you do if it does go.

  • If you switch everything off, including the TV and computer it should last.

    If you have electric heating you will need to turn it off as well.

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