I have a 10lb bag of russett potatoes. There was one rotten one in there.?

It was starting to ooze some stinky goo. The other potatoes seemed fine. I washed a few to ᴘᴇᴇl, boil and put in a soup. Can one rotten potato contaminate an entire bag? Or, are they ok to eat? I guess I’ll probably find out before anyone answers because I am already cooking them. I’m still curious if anyone has an answer. Thanks!

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  • They’ll be all right. Just wash, ᴘᴇᴇl and cook thoroughly.

    Try to make use of the bag in a time efficient manner.

  • One rotten one can make the whole bag rotten if left but if the rest are still firm they are perfectly all right to eat. If any of the goo from the rotten one got on any of the others wash it off and let them sit out to dry. Leave it on and they will start to rot too.

    We grow enough potatoes to do us for the winter and this happens occasionally and if it hasn’t killed us or made us sick in over 30 years it won’t hurt you either

  • Had this happen to us, we washed them with a brush dried and let stand for a few days but the smell stayed. I ᴘᴇᴇled some washed again boiled and they still stunk and tasted bad. left a rotten taste. One bad potato killed the good.

  • You need to get used to agriculture products, my grandpa would have carved off the rotten half and used the other half.

  • They’re 100% safe to eat. Don’t worry about it.

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