I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu with 120,000 miles on it.I had forgot and i went about 900 miles overdue for an oil change.The oil light flashed?

and when i checked the oil level was low(guess i am burning some)A day later the check engine light came on.the code read was po446(evap system performance)Last year light came on and code read was po449(another evap code) are both codes for the same problem? also would me running low on oil trigger check engine light to go on?when code came on last yr i had evap replaced.Just seemed coincidental that both lights came on about the same time.I had my oil changed but check engine still on anyhelp?

thanks in advance!

1 Answer

  • What you did was forget to check the oil level – the 900 miles over would have been completely harmless – but running low on oil (oil pressure was low that is why the light was on) can and usually is bad thing – Learn to check your oil level and do it at least once between changes since you car is obviously using oil now.

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