I have a bottle of water that says 75CL on it, i want to know how many ml this is, please can you help me?

Basically i'm on a diet in which i need 4 liters a day, so i need to know how many times i need to refill this bottle which says 75CL on it, please answer in uk terms and not us terms as its not the same

thank you so much 🙂

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  • since 1cl =10ml

    75cl =750ml or 3/4 of a liter. if you need 4 liters a day, you'd have to drink a little under 5.5 bottles a day.

  • cL is correct not CL (C is degrees celsius)

    75cL = 75 (100) L = 7500 mL = 7500 / (1000) L = 0.75 L

    Therefore, you need 0.75 times 5.3L to equal about 4L .

    So fill it 5.3 times or 5 and 1/3 times daily.

    These terms are SI (Le Systeme Interantional).

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    are you taking then mickey? 1 litre = 100cl = 100ml your 75cl bottle is 25cl short of a litre so if you drink 3 75cl bottles you will drink 225cl of water which is equivalent to 2.25l

  • 75cl To Ml

  • 75 centilitres = 750 millilitres.

    You will need to drink 5 1/3 bottles per day to get your 4 litres worth.

  • 75 cl = 750 ml = 0.75 liter

    5 of those bottles are almost 4 liters.

  • Because your bottle is 75cl. Therefore it is 750ml.

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