I have a family member who doesn’t want to get the vaccine? How do I convince him otherwise? How do I convince myself to get it?

2 Answers

  • Everything is life has some risk.  You could slip and fall in the shower.

    Do you want to take a risk of getting covid, or do you want the small risk of getting the vaccine?

  • You don’t need to convince anyone.

    You weigh the facts for you and decide if it makes sense for you.

    We have no idea your situation.  The government, media, and simple pushing “it’s safe” when we know it may be or may not be is stupid in our specific situation.

    A friend yesterday told me that “it’s ok if this leads to fertility issues.  We need to fix our current hysteria.” = ummm, I’m not on that band wagon at all.  And if she feels hysteria she should stop watching CNN 24/7 which is what she does. 

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