I have a P31-A7 motherboard version 6.2, is running a photo booth and it went out, need a new similar motherboard. Please help! Thank you?

The computer runs a photo booth and it finally went bad. There are 2 computers that runs the photo booth, the one that went bad is the computer that runs the camera on the inside of the booth and the other runs the decoration touch screen on the outside. I need to get a new Motherboard that is similar to the one it has because all the cameras and touch screen components connect to it. I have switch hard drive and connection to the working computer and it all works, so I know it the motherboard, I just need a recommendation on a new motherboard that is similar to (P31-A7 version 6.2) I think is a biostar. CPU socket typ: LGA 775, CPU type: Core 2 Quad/ Core 2 Duo…Chipset: Intel P31, South Bridge: Intel ICH7 Thank you

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  • Your Biostar mainboard is old. It has an Intel P31 chipset( with socket 775) supporting DDR2 and FSB speeds 533 – 1600(with overclocking) so any similar product will do. It looks like a full sized board. It has mainly SATA but also one IDE port. because its so old you may need to widen your choice. a G41 chipset board would also do(in some cases it could be ddr3 though)

  • You didn’t mention how these devices were connected in the first place.

    Did they connect through a USB, USB 2.0 port header on the motherboard, firewire, or through a PCI or PCI-E expansion card?

    It seems to me that any p35, p45, and possibly g45, or q45 board might work. All the features that were on that low end p31 board should be on a board with the p35 or p45 chipset.

    Tons of old socket 775 boards on ebay, but I would look for a board that meets the specs or exceeds the specs of your p31 board. P45 exceeds those specs.

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