i have a pet squirrel what do i feed him?

i caught a wild squirrel that was injured i would like to know what to feed him.

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  • SquirrelRescue is an excellent squirrel site that I often use that has complete diet information including daily recommendations (DR). Following are some of the foods suggested:

    Rodent Lab Block

    DR 2 to 4 small blocks


    DR 2 to 3 slices



    green beans




    DR 2 slices






    Nuts and Seeds

    DR 2 nuts still in shell



    roasted unsalted pumpkin seeds

    sesame seeds (high in calcium)


    Wild and Natural foods

    DR unlimited whilst in season

    pine cones


    dandelion greens

    Animal Protein

    live or dried mealworms


    hard-boiled eggs

    plain yogurt

    Teeth Trimming Accessories

    tree branches

    sea shells


    You do need to be aware that not all trees are safe to chew on. Following is a list from a gerbil site I use of safe and unsafe wood:


    SquirrelRescue has a more thorough list of foods you can give the little guy. The link is below:


    It is good you are asking about nutrition as proper diet is necessary to prevent MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). MBD occurs from inadequate calcium and Vitamin D from sunlight conversion. It can begin in as little as 5 days. (The above diet link has a list of foods high in calcium.)Details on MBD and how to prevent/treat it are as follows:


    SquirrelRescue also has information on caring for an injured squirrel along with links to wildlife rehabilitaors. Following is the homepage containing the links:


    You might also be interested in visiting the SquirrelBoard. It is an active and current squirrel forum with categories on life threatening help, non-life threatening help, nutrition and rehabilitator locations to name a few. You can also post on the forum once you register. At the very least it will give you emotional support which I always find to be a help in these kind of situations. The link to the forum follows:


    I wish you all the best with this squirrel. I am a huge fan of them, and feed the local ones on our deck every day. This past Summer I came across an injured one, too; likely from an encounter with a hawk. His right eye was swollen shut, and one of his front paws was broken. Fortunately he was mobile, so I just had to make sure I left plenty of shelled nuts and other easy to handle food along with fresh water outside. The story has a happy ending as both his eye and his paw healed. I hope your little one has an equally happy ending.

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    i have a pet squirrel what do i feed him?

    i caught a wild squirrel that was injured i would like to know what to feed him.

  • Well squirrels all love peanuts so i suggest to feed him/her some. and also be careful not to spoil the squirrel so much because it will always depend on you for its food and wont be able to live on its own so you got to be careful

  • CORN:

    Leave out dried ears of corn for your local squirrel population. They will enjoy working to get all the kernels off the cob.


    While many squirrels are partial to sunflower seeds, they also love pumpkin seeds and squash seeds. Seed cakes are an excellent choice for your squirrel population as well.


    Squirrels love to munch on all kinds of nuts. You can feed them shelled nuts, but squirrels are perfectly capable of shelling the nuts themselves, and they are fun to watch while doing it.


    Because squirrels enjoy the occasional fruity treat, toss out fruit scraps from the kitchen or buy a mix of dried fruits for your squirrel habitat.


    Commercial foods formulated specifically for squirrels are available from local pet stores and farm supply stores. These feeds are usually made from corn, peanuts and various seeds.


    Supply your squirrel population with their own squirrel-specific feeder. Sunflower seeds are a great choice to tempt squirrels that have been using bird feeders to start using their own feeders. Just mix in some tasty sunflower seeds with their other food to attract them to their new feeder.

    Squirrels are primarily vegetarians, living on seeds, nuts, fruits, fungi, lichens, buds, mushrooms, roots, pine cones, leaves, twigs and bark. They do not normally eat meat. However, if faced with hunger, they have been known to eat bird eggs, snails and insects.

    They eat:



    Walnuts of trees

    peanut butter with bread probably

    Well a squirrel might eat an egg if it was laying there, like if someone threw it like to taste it and if they don’t like it they most likely might spit it out.good luck with your squirrel and remember to bring it back where it came from when its fine and ready.

  • We have fed our squirrel a fruit & berry nut wildbird food. We also give him apples pieces, unsalted peanuts, crackers, cheese. We try just about everything we eat except chocolate. Our Rocky has a super sweet tooth! Make sure he has a nesting area. Ours has some hanging ferret houses. We also put different kinds of branches in his cage so he can gnaw on them. Make sure he always has fresh water. Best of luck!

  • Feed him nuts and berries and whatever else they would find in the wild. Lol is the squirrel cute??

  • All fruits are fresh vegetables. A “vegetable” is a plant, any part of which can be used for food.

  • in most areas you need a lisence to own a squirrel. you should call your local aspca and they will heal him and release him back into the wild when he is ready. that is the best thing for him 8]

  • Why on earth would you catch a squrril? Well, just feed them nuts.

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