i have a runt pitbull would he get big or stay small or it just take longer it is 6 months?

i wanna kno if my puppy well get big or it will stay small as a full size yorkie and if its anything i could do to make to make it bigger please please pleaseplease help

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  • It’s going to take some time.. All dogs take their time growing up then filling out. You can’t do anything to make your dog bigger, that’s genetic. Once he is full grown you can help to build muscle but you have to let him grow up ..

  • Pitbull Runts

  • American Pit Bull Terriers have a lot of variation in size. An average size is around forty lbs though 25 lbs would not be abnormal. Your dog will grow according to what his parents were like but I will tell you one thing: I rescued a two and a half week old APBT and bottle fed her. She was the runt of the litter and real weak. I wondered if she was mixed with chihuahua or something because she was real small. Even at six mos. old, she seemed like she wasn’t going to get big but now she weighs almost sixty lbs. You’ll notice when looking at places that sell this breed, that their appearance varies a lot. All I did was feed her good food and made sure she got plenty of exercise. No treadmills, just walks and romps in yards and parks and playing with her two “sisters”. If your dog comes from parents that were smaller sized APBT’s then your dog may not grow that much regardless of what you feed your dog or how you exercise him. Congrats on your little guy. Regardless of size, you have one of the biggest hearted breeds of dog!

  • Runts generally catch up to the rest of the litter by about the time they leave their mothers. If it is already 6 months old and is still small for its age, then it is just small and isn’t going to ‘catch up’ so to speak. Don’t try to force the dog to bulk up. To do so can cause a lot of health issues and ruin the dog’s skeletal frame. Just feed your dog a good food, excercise it regularly and it will bulk up with time, but even if it is small for its breed, who cares? Size doesn’t affect its ability to be a great pet. If you want a status symbol, get a car. A dog is a companion.

  • To be the size of a Yorkie at 6 months old is indeed small for a Pitbull. I wouldn’t worry about it very much tho… Put it on some good Puppy Food so it has the nutrition it needs to grow to its max. Good Luck to You and Your Little One H.O.T. Dog Handler Owner Trainer of GSD’s

  • Pit bulls come in a variety of sizes. My pit bull is turning a year old this month, and he’s 72lbs. My friend has a female pit from the same litter, and her girl is 50lbs. You should also know, just like premature infants, your dog will catch up in size. Be sure to only feed your dog puppy food for large breeds. Feeding the right food at the right time, is key to your dogs long term health.

  • You should take your puppy to the vet and have bloodwork done. Your puppy may have a serious disease like Pancreatitis. This disease is too common in pits. Remember that pits are medium sized dogs ranging 35 – 65lb. My pup was 20lb at 6 months old. At 10 months old she is 35. We expect her to be 45lb full-grown. krissy – if a pittie is not growing properly, raising fat content of food without checking bloodwork first is endangering the dog. A puppy not growing correctly should be checked for panreatitis or other digestive illness promptly. Here’s a pittie dying from pancreatitis at 10 months. THe vet recommended increasing fat in her diet (before bloodwork diagnosed her). The dog died 2 weeks after the diet changed. Irreversibale and untreatable. http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1325/1052104061_c83…

  • How old is your pup? Did you buy, or adopt? If you bought, what did the breeder tell you?

    And, no pit is going to stay as small as a full size Yorkie.

  • pits come in all shapes and sizes…………… if you knoe the “blood line” ad or size of the parents……….IM me and i can give you more detail………. how much does he/she weigh?……i own two pits, both male, and have owned many before them ………..most pits don’t “spread” untill about a 1 1/ 2 to 2 years af age…………you should see some signs of a growth spurt in the next 4 to 6 months……… Also pits are “working dogs” and should be fed accordingly…………….i recomend something with a high protein content and decent amount of fat…… (ie: 30%protein to 20% fat) the food i currently use is Nutro high energy. Can be found at pet smart…. it is all natural and can be fed to puppies as old as 4 months………………..my boys are almost 2yrs old and 8 months old…………i love them and wouldn’t give them anything but the best

  • If he gets no bigger does it make a difference?

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