I have an 89 Lincoln Town Car and it tends to accelerate on its own when I speed up without the cruise control what is the cause of this?

Could it be the throttle position sensor? Also the Accelerator tends to get stuck as well when that happens.

Accelerator pedal*

And no I don’t need a mechanic unless I can fix it myself hence why I decided to ask this question on here to see if anyone else knows besides a mechanic or a mechanic who kindly wants to answer my question on here not some smart *** saying take it to a mechanic

4 Answers

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  • When you have a bad battery ground cable connection to the body or motor the accelerator cable becomes a ground point. The wire in the accelerator cable arcs to the cable housing internally causing the cable to stick. When the motor moves on the motor mounts it can cause the throttle to open when you hit small bumps in the road.

  • Cruise control may not be fully disengaging, 

  • maybe you should get a mechanic to check it out

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