I have no mentors in Business?

I recently started a Business and most people say find a mentor who will guide you? Most successful people I meet are busy with their families and truly don’t have the time to help someone. Is there any chance my business can still survive without one?

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  • You are attempting to establish a business backwards. First get a job in a similar field for 5 or so years and absorb all departments such as sales, purchasing, customer service, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll including taxes, etc. I’ve never heard of business mentors. Why would a veteran employer educate you with years of knowledge? You might just proceed to be his competition some day. You have to compare the following. Would you hire a house builder to build you his first house?

    How about an auto mechanic 2 weeks in the trade? Any occupation requires experience and that normally includes business owners. Get some experience and then rethink your business idea.

  • Sure trere is

  • Business survival is Not dependent on having a mentor. With so much free highly accessible legitimate and reliable resources/information/recommendations available to the public one must take the Initiative to Learn. Do your research. Put forth the time and effort to explore and investigate solutions to business problems you encounter.

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