I hear, after BCA, MCA course duration is only 2 years unlike the normal 3 years duration, but I am not sure.?

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  • See, it’s all depends on the Universities .. Basically, Master of Computer Application (MCA) is a 3 years course with 6 semesters .. But, in some universities (mostly in north india) this course has been like integrated MCA course with the duration of 2 years, so here it may have only 4 semesters .. Even now-a-days MBA too has 1 year course in some universities ..

  • Mca Course Duration

  • MCA is usually 3 years, so a 2 year course could either be integrated or meant for advanced students. Check the eligibility criteria for conditions under which you can get your MCA in 2 years.

  • MCA is a 3-year program. Even if one does BCA, there is no waiver of one year.

  • Its better not to go for an Integrated MCA. Go for a normal 3 years MCA course, which can make you srtonger technically as well as qualification wise.

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  • hello, i am finding 2 years MCA course in bangalore, any one help out to find the collage of MCA , plzz give that kind of collage name, my town is Bhuj-Kutch(Gujarat) so i difficult to find the collage …!!!

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