I love you in Sanskrit language.?

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  • ‘I love you’ (expression of romantic feeling) : त्वयि स्निह्यामि ("Tvayi snihyāmi"/"Tvayi snihyaami"), त्वामनुरजामि ("Twāmanurajāmi"), "Mama tvayi aasaktirasti"

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    friend, I am a Hindu Brahmin and love Sanskrit like my Bahipraana. But How many Indians can read sanskrit, leave of understanding,Sanskrit is the perfect language in which you can express any thing the way you want poetically and the words , verbs used indicate what age you are referring instead of leaving you guessing.Each word has a root and several other meanings.To master all these first you need to introduce Sanskrit at Elementary school level and shall be gradually incorporate in syllabi of all levels , even in post Graduate level.After some strenuous movement and determination in about 10 years or so Sanskrit will be known by at least some.After a majority can, read, speak and understand sanskrit then you should think of making it a national language. I personally feel Government shall concentrate on seeing that all people learn Sanskrit first.Then automatically the culture level improves as it is Sanskrit we have all the Noble Literature,every one shall read and understand and practice and speak. By making a Rule or gazette notification or by passing a Bill in Parliament nothing happens. As it is in India many read,speak and understand HINDI, so it shall be the national language. But you must not forget the door to modern education of highest level is ENGLISH ONLY.So one shall acquire proficiency in English if one wants to study and become good Engineers and doctors etc.One shall not hate English,it has helped in so many ways and IT IS THE LINK LANGUAGE. SO SANSKRIT MUST BE ENCOURAGED AND 100% INDIANS shall learn SANSKRIT.I HOPE THAT DAY COMES.b

  • Aham tubhyam pranyaami

  • why the hell you want to speak i love you in sanskrit

  • mama tuama prem karishyamaha:

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