I need a christian song for a sweet sixteen?

My cousin is having a sweet sixteen and we’re looking for a CHRISTIAN song to be played when she walks into the temple. Thanks!

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  • “Opiate” by Tool

  • Beautiful Words by The Afters

  • as cheesy as this sounds, you have to have “sweet sixteen” by hilary duff! in da club, 50 cent yeah, usher ludacris and lil jon celebration, kool and the gang get this party started, pink some old stuff like that will definitely make the party funner

  • Not a Christian song, but can you think of a better line to walk in to than “Well just look at that girl with the light coming up in her eyes, she’s got to be somebody’s baby…”

    Jackson Browne- Somebody’s Baby


  • Something Beautiful by Newsboys! That would be the perfect song, and they are an awesome CHRISTIAN band. Or….No Ordinary Love by TobyMac

  • buterfly kisses or something beautiful could work, though they’re a little better for a marriage…

    my top suggestion: free to be me-francesca battistelli

    best night of our lives-everyday sunday

    let’s dance-hawk nelson

    life is beautiful-the wrecking

    chasing the daylight-philip larue

  • Bob Carlisle – Butterfly Kisses Go to Youtube and listen to this; it was written for a little girl around 15 to 16.

  • By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North

    Any Paramore song.

  • this one is so amazingg..

    it’s called

    you can walk on water by Dj Encore

  • Anything Skillet for me. *Shrugs*

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