i need an Ecce Romani “One hero wins a war” translation..PLEASE! i beg you!?

You can as me if you asnwer! lol, or just please call me or something!!! ask me for number if your trust worthy..ill give it to you, its due monday PLEASE PLEASEHELP! if i can get an alright grade.i dont need it perfect...an alright grade i will pass this term and have great grades, i have straight A's (im not a geek im just really trying) and i play 3 sports and this isnt helping much. ifi can get a good grade on this i will have a great term to help me get into the highschool i want...please! any and all help will be appreciated! thank You!!! [=

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  • IIh: One Hero Wins a War (p. 134)

    While Tullus Hostilius, the third king, ruled the Romans, the Romans were fighting with the citizens of Alba Longa, a city which was not far away. However, they wanted to fight neither the Romans nor the Albans, for many Romans had either friends or relatives in the city Alba Longa. And so, the Romans form a plan and send messengers to the Albans.

    The messengers say, "It is not necessary for all the Romans to fight with all the Albans. Among the soldiers, we have our triplet brothers, named the Horatii. You also have triplets among your soldiers, named the Curiatii. If you want, these brothers will fight with those brothers, and the winners of the fight will bring back victory of the war on behalf of their fatherland."

    This plan pleases the Albans. The brothers hurry into the battle. The Horatii and the Curiatii fight ferociously. One of the Curiatii recieves a wound, then another, then a third. The Curiatii, however, kill two of the Horatii. One Horatius stands against three wounded Curiatii, alone but uninjured. The Horatius, however, is not afraid, but forms a plan.

    Out of this place, the Horatius now runs and flees from the Curiatii. The Curiatii seek out the Horatius, but, because they are wounded, run with large gaps between them. And so, when one Curiatius passes the brothers, the Horatius turns and kills him. Again the Horatius flees; again, he turns and kills one of the Curiatii. In this way, the one Horatius kills all three Curiatii. The Horatiuis is the winner, and the Romans have the victory of the war.

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  • War Translation

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