i need organic powdered dye and i don’t know which store to buy it in (grapevine Tx)?

i just want to know what is a good STORE to buy it in

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  • What do you want your organic powdered dye for? Usually people asking this question want to make colored smoke bombs. You can’t use just any organic dye powder to color a smoke bomb. Many organic dye powders will just burn up, so you don’t see their color at all.

    “Organic” dye is not at all the same thing as “natural” dye. In chemistry, “organic” merely means molecules that contain carbon. Synthetic Rit dye powder, made from petroleum products, contains an organic chemical dye. You can buy that anywhere, even the grocery store. It’s diluted with large amounts of non-dye substances, such as salt and detergent. If you want a more concentrated organic chemical dye, try a good mail-order dye supplier such as Aljo Mfg in New York. Grapevine is unlikely to have a store selling concentrated dyes. Dallas has one, Asel Art Supply, which sells Procion MX dyes.

    For natural dye, you have to look a lot harder than for organic dye. You probably will not be able to find any local source. You can mail-order good natural dye extract powders from Aurora Silk and from Earthues. They are far more expensive than synthetic dye powders, and they require more skill and knowledge to apply correctly.

    You might be able to buy smoke bomb dyes from a local fireworks supplier. Otherwise, you can buy smoke dyes by mail from a company called Skylighter.com. Be careful that no one breathes any of the colored smoke, because the dyes are highly unlikely to be safe for ingestion by humans in any form, including breathing.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    i need organic powdered dye and i don't know which store to buy it in (grapevine Tx)?

    i just want to know what is a good STORE to buy it in

  • For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/XoeT1

    As the others said, most dyes are organic dyes. Organic does not mean natural, in chemistry. It only means that the molecule contains carbon. There are very few dyes which are not organic; these would be the mineral dyes, such as iron buff. All other dyes are carbon-based and therefore organic. You can buy organic dye powder in most grocery stores, in the form of Rit all-purpose dye, which contains direct dyes for cellulose fibers such as cotton, mixed with acid dyes for protein fibers such as wool, plus sodium chloride (which comprises the largest portion of the powder), and anionic and nonionic surfactants to aid dye dispersal. You can also order different kinds of dyes from a good dye supplier. Dye suppliers sell acid dyes, direct dyes, vat dyes, fiber reactive dyes, naphthol dyes, etc. All of these dyes are organic dyes, and most are available in powered form. If what you really want is natural dye, not organic dye, then you should look at a supplier of natural dyes, such as Earthues or Aurora Silk, both of which are listed in the link below. Most natural dyes are also organic dyes, of course, just like synthetic dyes, and most are available in powdered form.

  • Just find a carbon-based dye. It’s guaranteed to be organic.

  • Whole Foods or Sprouts probably has it… possibly Central Market in Southlake…. but I’d call all 3 before you burn a tank of gas to go find out

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