I Need To Contact the YouTube Help Team Via Email, But Cannot Find Their Email Anywhere? Address Please?

My videos are having a few problems. I tried the help centre and looked around, but it seems nobody else has experienced the same problems with their account as myself. I just need the email address that I email with the issue, to get some help. Any answers will be highly appreciated. Thanks 😀

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  • If you write to “service @ youtube.com”, you’ll end up absolutely

    nowhere, because that’s their computer-generated email-system

    that sends everyone’s messages/comments to our inboxes (just

    like Yahoo’s “answers-alert @ cc.yahoo-inc.com”).

    If you’ve got a problem, bug, issue, or idea, the most appropriate

    and ideal email address is “support @ youtube.com”. Everytime

    YouTube wrote back to me, that was their actual “header”. If the

    issue is copyright, YouTube actually encourages people to write

    to them at “copyright @ youtube.com”. There is also their home

    page at “www.youtube.com / user / youtube”. And finally, if your

    problem is with the server administrator, webmaster or site itself,

    there’s “web @ youtube.com”.

    If the problem is abuse, there’s this link, (which will then expand

    further based on your subsequent choices):


    But if you do email them, do not expect any formal answer other

    than a computer-generated one. YouTube really enjoys boasting

    that they are a “free public service” — and they genuinely believe

    that everything they do is a goodwill gesture — including ignoring

    people’s emails and valid user comments to their very own blogs.

    Because YouTube LLC has only 70 employees or so, they don’t

    really have a “Help Center”, “Support Team”, or “YouTube Team”.

    (despite often referring to themselves with those 3 distinct titles).

    Unless you’re an advertiser, a broadcaster, a media company or

    one of the YouTube “partners”, don’t even bother trying to phone

    them. The frosty and bitter receptionists have been programmed

    to not let “regular people” through.

    But good luck anyway with your email. YouTube actually replied

    to 2 of mine last year (out of 5) even though nothing got resolved.

    If nothing else, there is also the bottom of their Contact Us page:


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