i need to know if these numbers are valid in UK?

met a few guys online who gave me some phone numbers that make me think its a scam

1. 44703 189 6976

2. 44703 800 855

3. 44703 184 0613


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  • I actually dialed the first…. just out of curiosity. I call relatives in the UK all of the time. I am in the US so 011 precedes the number. 44 is what comes next so it is a UK number.

    I just said “pardon me I just got the wrong number”. That is normally that. But the guy kept asking “who” was calling. Again I say wrong number… normal business. One hangs up. One does not attempt to continue a call.

    I speak many languages and can pick an accent out in an instant. Yea, it is a scam.

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  • They are mobile numbers, just replace the 44 with a 0.

    If you look when you reply to a text ect it comes up as +44 sometime. The number would be:

    1. 07031896976

    2. 0703800855

    3. 07031840613

  • They look like premium rate numbers.

    44 is the code for UK.

    then any thing 0703(drop the 0 if outside UK) is a premium number.

    they will cost a great deal of money to dial.

    leave them alone

  • If a numbers starts as


    its premimium rate number, 50p a minute to ring. It looks like a mobile number but its not, since is .. 070X number … mobile numbers are like

    073X .. onwards .. like 074X .. or 075X to 079X.

    070X .. or 071X are premium rate numbers, dont ring them, dont even call back if u get a miss call from them.

  • I am from the UK and they are mobile/cell phone numbers (not premuim rate as has been suggested here).

    However the second one does not have enough digits to be a phone number.

    It could be legit to all start with 0703 if they all share the same network provider – but my gut feeling is this is a scam

  • they are premium rate numbers 44 is the uk country code.

    check this link for more details

  • These are premium rate numbers. They have been created to make you think they are mobile numbers, don’t call them unless you want to be charged a fortune.

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  • may be but not exact.but the +44 code is for uk only

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