I pull out my eyeslashes b/c they feel sore?

At times it feels like my eyelashes are sore. Like, irritated. So I pull them out. I will sit and pluck them for a while (either with tweezers or just my fingers) and I'm left with this huge gap in my lashes. I hate doing this but once I start I can't stop. It feels good to pull the eyelashes out b/c they feel sore and my eye seems to feel better when I yank out the lash that I think is causing the problem. I just got done doing this again and I'm now left, again, with a huge gap in m eyelashes.

I've heard about Trichotillomania but I know I don't have this b/c I don't pull out any other hair on my body. Just my eyeslashes.

I don't wear eye make up every day. And when I do wear it, my lashes do not feel irritated. it just happens randomly.

If this is a nervous habit, why do they hurt? like, it feels like my eyelid is being poked with a needle if I close my eye...so I pluck out the lashes wear the eyelid is sore and it feels sooooo much better.

What is going on with my eyes? 🙁

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  • Hi, I have the same issue! I'm in my 30s now & I've been feeling 'irritation' on my eyelids since age 16 or so. I will pull one lash thinking I've got the culprit but then I feel another one irritating me & before I know it I've pulled all my lashes out in the middle. The edges & bottom ones don't irritate. I refuse to believe it's psychological because I feel actual pain on my eyelids before, during & after I pull them. Its like scratching a mosquito bite, it hurts & feels good @ the same time. I ALWAYS feel horrible after I do it & vow never to pull them once they have grown back but then the irritated feeling comes back & I'm pulling again 🙁 :(. Right now i have no lashes up top because i just got finished pulling :(:( Sad cycle. For years now I've been using a product I buy from Sephora to speed lash growth. It works really well so I'm never with out lashes for too long. But with years of pulling they don't grow in as full as they should. The product is called Talika & costs approx $50. You put it on like mascara. I'm curious to know what causes the pain/irritation as well. I so tired of pulling.

  • Pulling Eyelashes Feels Good

  • I'd say it's time to check with a doctor. Having your eyelashes poke your eye is one thing, but your eyelid being sore and plucking out the lashes is a problem. A lot of the time your eyelashes can grow inward (or at least curl inward) causing eye irritation. The fact that you said when you get started you can't stop is also another reason to get checked. This could be something serious as well.

  • I had this, I would consult a doctor if your worried, It is properly because at 12 weeks your uterus is expanding at a very fast rate, your baby has doubled in size and the belly button is pulling from the inside and you will have all sorts of different pulling and feelings as your body is stretching and expanding to make room for your baby. I found that it was painful but only at times not all the time, Its a stage that will pass its just if this is your first pregnancy the you need to stretch all your muscles it should settle down in the next few weeks but you will get little niggles throughout your entire pregnancy, If you are worried or it is painful see your doctor. Good luck and Congratulations

  • I'm not a doctor, but I work in ophthalmology. Blepharitis can cause many symptoms along your eyelids and your eye, including the feeling as if your eyelashes hurt or are sore. The best treatment is applying a hot compress to the eyes once in the evening for at least 5-10 minutes. You have oil glands along your lid margins. If they get blocked, it can cause inflammation. The hot compress is getting those glands to turn over, releasing those toxins, so the gland function can improve.

  • I do this whenever I feel that sorenes as well and if I don't I end up with a swollen eye lid. It's like an ingrown eyelash. It will swell up and hurt. My advice pull it out it's works for me. Just try and test each eye lash before you pull this way you know which one to pull. Normally it's a shorter one trying to grow.

  • I feel sooo much better because I'm not the only 1. I try to stop but the sensation it nice to say the least. But I pull right in the middle and gently rub. And I too use eyeliner to conceal the gaps but sometimes my eyelid be too sore. But any advice would help thankx


    Eyelash puller,😃

  • OMG I just searched this bc mine are the same way! people are not getting the point that there ACTUALLY SORE! MINE ARE IN THE corner of my eye and when I tug on them I can actually feel the spot its sore in. when I searched this problem I found someone on another site and they said that the doctor had no solution and really didn't believe them. I have no solution but just wanted to tell you guys you are not alone. its happening and sooner or later someone will find the solution, HOPEFULLY!

  • They maybe sore because you're constanly pulling them out. I was watching on TLC where a woman was pulling her hair out and eating it. It could be a sign of stress or a nerve problem. STOP PULLING YOUR EYELASHES OUT! Talk to a professional about it.

  • Wow, I have the same problem. I have MGD, which is a form of Lid Margin Disease from my understanding. I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow so hopefully I get some answers. I will share any updates.

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