I put fabric softener in the bleach dispenser in my washer. What do I do?

10 Answers

  • I also have done that run the wash thru a cycle and that should remove the fabric softner...

  • run an empty cycle with white vinegar in the bleach dispenser, that should cut the greasy softner mess in the bleach cup.

  • It's not a big deal, pour some hot water into it the next time you run the machine. the next time you use bleach in it should clean it out too.

  • Pour water into the dispenser, several cups, and then rewash the clothes.

  • I dont think it will make much of a diff. you could always run the washer twice to make sure that it is all out of there.

  • It will all come out during the wash cycle. Then you can correct your error.

  • Run the machine with nothing in it. That should clear it out.

  • nothing it will be fine, if you want them bleached just run it threw again

  • It will come out while washing.

  • just keep pouring water into it, it will come out.

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