I read that Christopher Hitchen’s mom committed suicide in a pact with an Orthodox Clergyman, do you think that had to do with his hate for?

all religion? It was very early in his life, he was a teenager I think. 

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  • Unlike many who “need to validate theirs” I do not assume to read minds of the dead let alone the living.

  • His mother died in 1973.

    He was born in 1949.

    Very VERY simple math shows he was 24, not a teenager.

    Hitchens doesn’t hate all religions, he just criticized the actions and dogma of monotheisms, saying they are  “the main source of hatred in the world”,

  • It had everything to do with her sadness.

    Nothing to do with her sons.


  • Suicide leads to hell, evidently, they chose the path to hell, rather than the path to heaven!

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