I saw that Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski have a tattoo on his left hand, does someone knows what it is?

I’m just curious nothing more. and sorry if i spell wrong, english is not my native language.

Thanks for attention.

3 Answers

  • You know I’ve been wondering about that too recently. The most I got out of it is a grim reaper type tattoo.

    There are some itnerviews where you can pause and see it. but its very hard to detail what it really is

  • Richard kuklinski has a tattoo of a rose on his hand. he and his fellow gang members all got the same tattoo to simblify the three roses gang in which he was a part of in his early years,

  • The tattoo on his hand is of a grim reaper with a scythe just to resemble his like of death. He believed he was crazy for having no feelings of death in others. He is the grim reaper

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