I somehow landed on foot. It hurt very bad and felt like it was broken?

I’m 14. That was a very short jump. I landed on my legs(correctly), but it hurt like hell. I couldn’t walk for 20 minutes. When I got up, pain was so bad, but I could walk(basically, I only used that leg to support my body, the other leg did all the walking) It was painful to walk for a week, but it got better day by day. That happened awhile ago(all pain went away in a week) What was it ? I didn’t tell anyone or go to doctors about it. (after the jump, I nearly cried from pain. It was the most painful feeling i’ve ever experienced)

It happened awhile ago. I’m just curious now.

And that was a 1,5m jump. I landed on both of my feet. I have no idea why it was so painful.

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  • No one here can tell you what you did to your foot.

    No doubt there was damage to your muscles and tendons, but you also could have broken or chipped a bone.

    Had you gone to see a doctor, they would have taken an x-ray to see what you had done, wrapped it, and told you how to treat it so it healed properly and as quickly as possible.

    As things are now, you could still have damage that needs attention, and should have it looked at anyway. In the future, go to the doctor, please.

  • probably just a sprain as a fracture you would have trouble walking on and have severe bruising

  • a SPRAIN

  • have a doctor look at it with X ray

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