I the “i” in the word international capitalized?

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  • There are two ” i’s” in the word international, ๐Ÿ™‚ . The word ” international” is an adjective which briefly, can be defined as “a word that describes a noun , a pronoun or a substantive clause…”. and is never capitalized, since we know only nouns are capitalized. An exception to this rule is when using the word as a name (a noun) say of an organization example: “The International Red Cross has branches worldwide….” So dont forget, depending on how it is used that’s when you capitalize it , or not.

    As for the second “i” I’m sure you have that figured out. Good luck!

  • Is The Word International Capitalized

  • The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology (Wilson, 1988, ISBN

    0-8242-0745-9) says: “~I~ pron. 1137 i; later I (about 1250,

    in The Story of Genesis and Exodus); developed from the unstressed

    form of Old English (about 725) ic singular pronoun of the first

    person (nominative case). Modern and Middle English I developed

    from earlier i in the stressed position. I came to be written

    with a capital letter thereby making it a distinct word and avoiding

    misreading handwritten manuscripts. In the northern and midland

    dialects of England the capitalized form I appeared about 1250.

    In the south of England, where Old English ic early shifted in

    pronunciation to ich (by palatalization), the form I did not

    become established until the 1700’s (although it appears

    sporadically before that time).”

  • There are two different “internationals.” The one that is capitalized is the name of a left-wing organization. The uncapitalized “international” is the word that means “involving several countries”, “crossing national boundaries”, etc.

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