I think my boyfriend might breakup with me again, I m sad?

My boyfriend [M18] and I [F17] had been dating for 7 months when he broke up with me because he thought we “had lost our spark” (completely unexpected) .

Then, one month later, he found out that he still liked me , and so did I, so he got back together with me.

But now, since I like him so much, I m constantly afraid that he loses his interest on me , again. Lately he has been taking lots of time replying to my messages. And said he couldn t go on a date with me because he needed to study… These things make me worry a lot, although in the past they didn t .

Also, I feel like I cannot trust him when he says that he loves me and that he is happy, and I m kinda sad.

Please help me figure out if he is going to break up with me or just give me tips on how stop being so worried/dramatic :

2 Answers

  • Never go by words, only by actions. You have lost all trust in him and rightfully so. I would put him in my past, and leave him there. The only foundation for a good relationship is trust, without it the relationship will crumble. Hang with your friends and enjoy doing what you like in your life. When the time is right you’ll meet the right guy for you. This one is disrespectful towards you, selfish and you deserve much more. Cut all communication and move on.

  • Life/relationships are about choices/consequences. There are ALWAYS consequences. Life/relationships are NOT about feelings. Feelings come and go while choices/consequences remain long after the feelings have changed. Courtship/dating is about learning about a potential spouse/mate while revealing something about yourself. What are you revealing about YOURSELF? What are you learning?

    You choose a spouse/mate based upon mutual goals, values and priorities. Do you share goals, values and priorities? You do not choose your likes/dislikes. Nobody chooses to like catfish or chocolate ice cream. But you do choose your loves/hates as demonstrated by racism, friends and spouse/mate. You choose to love and respect your chosen spouse/mate. You choose to meet the needs and some of the wants of your spouse/mate. And you expect your spouse/mate to choose likewise regarding you for you.

    Can you make the choices and live with them? Can you reasonably expect this guy to make these choices and live with them?

    Learn to ask the right questions. Then you will get the answers you seek. Remember that there are ALWAYS consequences.

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