I think this guy I like thinks I like him just as a friend but I don’t and I can’t seem to talk to him..idk what to do please help?

This guy & I have been friends for like a year but I liked him almost since the beginning & he might have too because he was always starting conversations & giving slight hints sometimes, but neither of us said anything straight up. He confused me sometimes bcuz he would be distant at times & I wouldn’t hear from him then talk to me again(we don’t see each other much, mostly talk through text). However, not long ago he asked for a kiss & I said I had never given one, that I was kinda scared of all that & wanted to be w/ someone I was in a relationship w/..he seemed to be okay & I changed topics bcuz I was nervous & we kept talking & I told him I trusted him a lot…he kept responding to my text but would take much longer to reply, one day..then two, now longer. I have proposed to meet twice(bcuz I want to tell him how I really feel& maybe even leave the fear behind & give him the kiss) but he kinda chages topic then stops responding &I don’t see him in school either so I don’t know what to do..please help??

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  • Tell him you like him, if he doesn’t react how you want him then at least you told him, if you don’t you might regret it. Tell him exactly how you feel…that’s the only way you’ll ever know. Maybe he’s waiting for you to tell him because he doesn’t want to put effort into something he doesn’t see a future in? If it goes bad at least you did it and if he’s being distant then it doesn’t really sound like you have much to lose. tell him, if he is refusing to arrange to meet up then through text is the only way.

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