i wanna start sellin weed again!?

first of all i need to know where to get little weed bags? without letting my parents knowing.. and whats the best kind of container to put my weed in? and how much should i sell it for? like 2 dime bags should i do the 2 for 15 or too for dub? how much should i do a 8th for? help me out please

and i got caught this year and im only in 6th grade.

6 Answers

  • well its your funeral…. you seem too dumb to sell weed but here goes

    you can get the bags from a smoke or pipe shop, you are too young to get in probably, otherwise you have to use sandwich bags, which means you would have to get a scale, because im pretty sure you cant eyeball it i’d keep the large amounts in zip lock bags. and then inside a plastic container like a butter bowl with a lid

    ok so heres the break down of average price

    quarter pound, (4 ozs) for $200-250

    you can usually get an oz (28 grams)for 70-90 dollars (regular weed)

    half (14 grams) for 35 -45 dollars

    a quarter (7 grams) goes for 20-25 bucks (25 is standard)

    a dime is just under 3 grams and goes for 10 dollars, 2 for 15 is a good deal and will make you money

    a nickle bag is enough for 2 not large joints. you can sell nickle bags 3 for 10 and make decent change

    to make any money at all, u would have to buy oz’s or quarter pounds and sell nickle or dime bags. otherwise u wont make much money. if you buy an oz for 80 bucks and sell 4 quarters at 25 bucks each, u will only make 5 bucks a bag…. and if you sell dime bags, you will break even… u wont make a profit, you’d have to short your bags to make 10 dime bags out of an oz, which would make them 2.4 grams each, which isnt really that short. but u still can only make 20 bucks off a whole oz. selling weed really isnt a money maker unless u are buying pounds

    *disclaimer* i am not contributing to a minor, i do not sell, purchase, or advocate the distrubution of marijuana

    so what you’re saying is that you are only 12 or 13 years old, you’ve already sold weed and got caught and you want to do it again?

    you could make a lot more money mowing lawns, all profit and all legal

    you are going down a very bad path

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  • weed market can be quite competitive, due to the recession, if i where you, i would check out some of the local dealers and see what theyre selling for, then start off selling a little lower that what they are selling. Hopefully their customers will come to you and you will earn more profit 🙂

  • dollar general has the sandwich baggies youll need. get some scales. and 1 gram= a blunt= 5$ so on so forth. emai me for more info

  • https://shorturl.im/axtBN

    Honestly, you should just stop. It’s not worth the trouble. If you need money that badly, get a real job.

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