I was watching a movie and i cant figure out what this means?

i was watching a movie called ordinary people. the docrtor was asking about the boy’s suicide attempt and he said "it doesnt say what your note was…?" the boy’s response is "doulbe edge, super blue"…..what does that mean…."doulbe edge, super blue" ???

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  • All I can think of is that Gillette has a razor out that is double edge super blue….

    Maybe he tried to commit suicide with that?

    it is a great movie…been years since I saw it..but I always thought that "Ordinary People" shows us how ordinary individuals and families can come undone by events beyond their control. You come to realize that strength and weakness are not always what they appear to be. Sometimes the weaker are the stronger after all.

  • Double Edge Movie

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  • well if they were talking about suicide they could have been talking about this razor blade that was made in the sixties it was a double egde, and was called super blue.

    here is a site all about it, i think it is right


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