I was wondering how can I contact the CVS human resources in nyc about my cashier training?

I want to contact the human resources department directly because I can’t contact my manager about this anymore because he was unprofessional. I did receive a call from the human resources from a 212 number but when I call it back it just keeps ringing. I would like to have the direct number for that department. Thanks guys!

5 Answers

  • The phone number for CVS Coorporate Human Resources is 888-MY-HR-CVS

  • Myhr Cvs

  • My Hr Cvs

  • I was wondering if CVS Caremark in san antonio if HR will call us to tell us if we got the Job at the call center or not. You had a Job Fair about 2wks ago I had two interviews that same day. I was told that they would start training in September. I spoke to Mr Rodriguez . Is there anyway we will find if I got the Job.

  • Cvs is one of the worst companies to work for. They’re decieving. The lie. They cheat you out of anything possible. They just told me I would be a supervisor and made me work for almost four months as a supervisor (because someone got sick) and when time came to actually promote me they screwed me with excuses, and the guy came back. And it was just on the news that they are one of the top ten worst companies to work for.

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