I went to IHOP and ordered blueberry pancakes. I wanted more but they were out of blueberries. I walked out. Was I wrong?

8 Answers

  • It’s not something I would have done personally. I would have at least tried to find something else that I liked. I did walk out on a restaurant once but that was because I had to wait for more than half an hour and never got served while other customers who came in after me got served.

  • There’s a lesson here:  They were out of blueberries and you were not injured or insulted.  God did NOT take the blueberries just to piss you off.  Because your blueberries were not important to god.  He just didn’t care. 

  • No. They were out of blueberries, some times restaurants run out of ingredients that’s common, that’s not your fault. You have the right to leave if they run out of something. 

  • No you were not wrong if you paid for what you ordered and ate,but you were wrong if you walked out without paying-and most restaurants won’t just let you walk out without paying.

  • No, if they dont have what you want,  you leave!

  • No provided you paid for what you ate. If you walk out without paying for something you eat, you can be arrested.

  • Yes it’s wrong to leave without paying for what you ate. Also, if it comes out of your server’s pay, then shame on you. 

    Sometimes restaurants run out of blueberries. It can be disappointing but not cause to be a bad person.  

  • It’s wrong to walk out without paying for what you already ate.

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