i will like to know what is the pill with the number 44291 or 44251 because i found it to my dougther?

i found this pill in my daugther backpack and she didn’t tell me anything , i worried about , if somebody know about it please let me know . thanks.

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  • If it is a brownish-orange pill with 44 291 it is just 200mg Ibuprofen.

    Nothing bad at all.

    Here is a picture:


  • What is this the moron channel? It’s Advil.

  • Just googled the number and it says it’s Ibuprofen. Here is a link to a picture of it.


  • Hi there, that could be the lot number on it. Can you take a picture of it or describe it? Size? Shape? Color? Is it solid or capsule? Does it have a line on it to cut it in half?

    44291 is usually Ibuprofen, especially if it’s brown or reddish brown.

  • Block your telephone number (If the pills are illegal-you don’t want to get arrested!), call your local pharmacy (Walgreen’s, CVS, etc.) and ask them to tell you what kind of pills they are.

    Before calling the pharmacy, I would demand that my daughter tell me what hell is this and I would demand to know where she got them (Who gave that to her?)!!!

    I would also confront the person who gave the pills to my daughter! I don’t care if it’s Advil, don’t give my kid any drugs! And if the drugs are illegal-the person who gave them to my daughter is going to jail!

    I would also consider having my daughter drug tested. This way I’ll know for sure if she is using drugs or not…

    And it will let her know that I’m not playing games! The possession of drugs or use of drugs will not be tolerated—ever!

    Good Luck to you and yours!

  • I googled it. And some of the site said it’s birth control pills. Not really sure. I think you should google it or bring it to a doctor. They will tell you

  • No worries. It’s ibuprofen. Over the counter pain killers. Just make sure she doesn’t take too many or too often.

  • Why not ask your daughter straight out as there are different answers to this pill dilemma,. Failing that then take it to the chemist.

  • If nothing else, you can go to www.drugs.com and select the tab that says pill identifier. You can look up the medication by imprint,shape and/or color.

  • What is the shape and color of the pill?

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