Ideas for a Ted Bundy Halloween costume?

I recently had to do a report on Ted Bundy, so now I am interested in him and would like to dress up has him for a Halloween party Saturday night. I am a teenage male.


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  • Don’t forget to carry around a tire iron, and a few books in your arm to pose as a college student.

  • Ted Bundy Costume

  • Yes. Don’t. Ted Bundy was one of the most prolific serial killers of modern times; he tortured, raped and killed dozens of women beginning with a child of eight when he was still in his teens and ending with a child of twelve; why on earth would you want to dress as this person?

    Halloween costumes should be scary fun not scary evil.

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    Find out where your local boy scout troops hike and camp, then hide in the woods till it gets dark and they start doing the “scary” campfire stories. Just at the climax of the story, pounce on one of them and then run off into the woods. No worries, by law they aren’t allowed to carry weapons and they will be too petrified to come after you. Check the papers the next day to see if there were any sasquatch sightings!

  • I would advertise it as a ‘rental’ for local businesses or hospital/schools. You know a gorilla holding a sign at the side of the road that says “special today” – gets people’s attention. Ask at the local hospitals or children’s hospital if they could find a use for it. Contact the local schools perhaps the Drama departments would like to rent it.. etc..

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