Identify the phases of Meiosis II described below.

Identify the phases of Meiosis II described below.


1. Metaphase II - Chromosomes are lined up by spindle fibers.

2. Telophase II - Nuclear envelope forms around each set of DNA.

3. Anaphase II - Sister chromatids are pulled apart.

4.  Prophase II - Centromeres move toward the poles of the cell


1. The lining up of chromosomes by the spindle fibers takes place at metaphase II phase. It is the second stage of meiosis II, the spindle draws the chromosomes towards the metaphase plate.  

2. The formation of the nuclear envelope around each set of DNA takes place in telophase II. Along with the formation of the nuclear envelope, the process of cytokinesis also takes place in telophase II, producing four daughter cells, each comprising a haploid set of chromosomes.  

3. The sister chromatids are pulled apart in anaphase II stage. In this phase, the sister chromatids are migrated towards the opposite poles of the cell with the help of protein fibers.  

4. The centromeres are moved towards the poles of the cell at prophase II stage.  

1st is Metaphase 2

2. Telophase 2

3. Anaphase 2

4. Telophase 2

Got them all right!





In that exclusive order.


Just finished it and it's correct.

The answer to this question is metaphase II, Telophase II, Anaphase II and Prophase (in that order)

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