if a cнιcκen farm sold 3,000 dozen eggs last week, how many individual eggs were sold?

15 Answers

  • 3,000*12=36,000 eggs

  • There are 12 eggs in one dozen. So I would encourage you to take 12 x 3,000. Good Luck.

  • If this is a trick question the answer would be none because the eggs were sold is dozens.

    On the other hand, if this is not a trick question the answer would be 36,000 eggs.

  • Pretend the zero's disappeared and then multiply 3 times 12 and that is 36. THEN add the zero's at the end of the 36 which makes 36,000

  • They were sold in dozens; none of them were sold individually.

  • 3000 times 12 or 36,000

  • None they were sold in dozens.

  • Do the math....... 3000 X 12 =?

  • None

  • 36000

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