If a USPS package says “Insufficient Address”, will it stay in the post office for me to pick it up tomorrow?

It arrived at the post office today but said “Insufficient Address” so I went to go pick it up but there was no notice. I asked the lady that works there and she said, “If there’s no notice, there’s no package for you.” What am I supposed to do? I need this package by Monday really bad, that’s why I paid for priority mail. Please, I just need to know if I’m going to be able to pick it up tomorrow or if it’s going to be returned to wherever it came from.

2 Answers

  • Print it out and take the print out to your post office. Print out the tracking info. Hand it to the clerk. Ask them what insufficient address means. Do this before they sent it back to the sender. Do this today.

  • it form of feels that all and sundry the companies are choosing contracts with the placed up place of work, to accomplish close by deliveries, for his or her shipments that are actually not in one day. via fact the placed up place of work already has a postman dealing with each and every close by transport course, 6 days a week, they have little further fee in touch in including different companies’ programs to those routes, as long as they don’t would desire to get those programs around the rustic. UPS, Fedex or whoever, sell off off a truck load of programs at a close-by placed up place of work, and the close by provider, provides them. It provides in basic terms a pair of million day to the transport and cuts the fee of a undeniable truck experience on your place, which became in all probability the biggest area of the carbon footprint of that equipment, for the finished holiday. — Regards, John Popelish

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