If a white person from South Africa comes to the US are they Africa-American ?

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  • Good question.  I know, bad answer.

    I was born here.  Does that make me

    a Native American?


  • Well I don’t know.  If your parents had gone to live in China and you grew up there, then moved here, would you be Asian-American?

  • No, they are Afrikaan basically it is a Dutch colony. Meaning the whites forced their way onto African land.

  • Technically yes. But it also refers to black ancestry. Therefor, it will be construed as being black as well. So, I would use a different reference. 

  • White Africans refers to people in Africa who can trace full, or partial ancestry to Europe. In 1989, there were an estimated 4.6 million people with European ancestry on the African continent. Therefore, the correct term would be White African American.

  • It depends. If they went to the USA without the intention of staying then they would remain a South African. if they became permanently resident in the USA they would be a South African and a permanent resident of the USA. If they took out US citizenship they would become American.

    I believe the term African-American is correctly used to refer to black Amercians who can trace their ancestry back to Africa. It most certainly would not be a term applied to a white person.

  • I think that person should be called American – African rather.

  • Technically, yes, but it wouldn’t be politically correct. If they want, they could say they’re an African-European-American, but society tends to just go based off the looks of where their ancestors originated.

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