If God made everything, who made God?

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  • God made nothing. Man made God.

  • The Old Testament starts :- In the beginning there was God. If you are hoping for any further enlightenment than that in the rest of the book, you have no chance I find it very strange that this particular God spoke to many of his Prophets, all sounds a bit fishy to me, if you are a believer you just believe! You don’t ask questions like that, or if you do you get silly gibberish answers, similar to the ones you have already ! Or if any question is raised ref any ‘miracle’ you will get the reply that “God works in a mysterious way, his miracles to perform”! The Old testament was by no means the first religious book, and it wasn’t the last. And there will certainly be lots more ‘ Egyptians a few thousand years before this Old testament was ever thought up, recorded all the ‘facts’. All the Roman Gods were well documented, all the Greek Gods were all well documented. All absolute rubbish, but there were lots of believers Every one laughs now at these stories, if they are considered amusing what will we think about this latest crop in a couple of thousand years?

  • It’s a good question, you know why? Because if we follow the the religious dogma they say no one created God, so that’s mean that’s logic can be apply at the Universe (Multiverses) because they admit something can be born or exist from nothing. πŸ™‚ Or the creation would be Infinite, Imagine if the Geneva particle accelerator create microscopic Big Bang with particle collision that’s mean we would be God of these microscopic universe πŸ™‚ And that can be the case in higher scale, we are may be microscopic for another Universe created us, but this theory comport some mistake because of the quantum Physic, but that’s’ extremely hard to explain, short version “More the world it’s smaller more the rules are randoms”

  • Think of the word “is.” It describes the ground zero of reality. It is the bedrock of reality. There is nothing more than “is.” God is. In the Bible he describes himself as, “I am that I am.” He is saying ‘am’ because the verb (to be) is in a different tense because of the structure of that sentence. But he is saying that he IS. If something IS, there is nothing before it. It just IS. God IS. This is not something you or I can grasp but maybe someday after we’re dead, we’ll understand it more. If God has always been there, then the universe could have always been there. That’s true, but without God, there would be no soul in the machine. We would be alone. We would be living creatures in a dead universe. To me this is a horrifying thought.

  • I’m up here mentions reason whilst not using any one of the convenient answers is the omnipotent one yet God isn’t many believers claim God exists out of space and time

  • Man. Man made up God, Zeus, Odin, Ra, Quetzalcoatl and thousands of other gods to help us understand the nature of life, the universe and everything.

  • Immature atheists will say he doesn’t because of reason, that’s crap no one using reason could ever come up with that conclusion. All he said was I am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and end, but we know so much now about the universe and it’s workings we can at last grasp a little of God’s essence. Energy for instance is something we know exists yet we know little about it, we can fathom a little with our senses like light can be seen with the eye and light is vibrations of energy, but to look differently at something say like inside a person we can do this by using an x ray, but this is the tip as we know there are many forms of energy, the one we need to look at is our own our conscious self we have levels here where if we raise our own we can glimpse God and know we are part of him and part of eternity, just like energy that can not die it changes and moves all the time, we are energy we too change, just like God said we would from earthly beings of flesh with so many limitations placed on us, but we will be free from them in the next change, we can grasp this in this life as I said by raising our conscious self to reach beyond the bounds of senses where we experience by our inner selves which is more tuned to God. Jesus said be still and know I am, he is saying if we sit quiet long enough we will here God in us, he spoke the truth but today we block him out with so much interference. so God is the creator of all and has set boundaries on all each to follow a set path, and he did it all for us.

    be still a while and know him it will change your life.

  • Nothing made god

  • Spinmaster

  • no one made God he just was

  • I don t think any of these is right, I m pretty sure my friend Brandon did at least that s what he said and he doesn t lie and who created him you might ask who gives a ****.

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