If I ate myself would I double in size or disappear completely?

quite confusing, isn't it? please answer.

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  • Neither. You would be the same weight, but you would be inside out!

  • you would disappear. whatever goes in one end has to come out the other, like a hill. Some scientists put prisoner in secret solitary confinement and infused the room with a special gas. It made them crazy and eventually they started eating them-selfs and they started to disappear but not completely because not everything in the human body can you eat from yourself.

  • At first you will double in size. It s not until the time comes to swallow that you will disappear into the cold dark remnants of your former self. Not even light will be able to escape your powerful gravitational pull.

  • Niether

  • Nope Non You'll Die, If You Eat Yourself The Bite Will Cause Infection And You'll Die There For You'll Disappear.

  • Firstly you couldn't eat yourself that is almost impossible to swallow yourself completely as to eat yourself you would need you eat your mouth but how can you eat you own mouth, but if it was possible you would probably become a pile of mess on the floor 🙂

  • Well most people who I know have eaten themselves. Most of them disappeared.

  • I don t think anyone has tried that before. Can someone try it and tell us what really happens?

  • You will die of shock before you finish eating yourself.

  • you would look the same but just like a blob kinda

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