If I delete snapchat will it delete my memories too?

I wanna delete snapchat then reinstall it because it s starting to take up a lot of space on my phone but I want to keep my memories. Will they be deleted along with the app?

7 Answers

  • No it will not delete your memories.. Every time snapchat opened it would crash in 3 seconds so I turned off my phone and nothing worked so I deleted the app and re-downloaded the app and my memories were still there.

  • Snap memories is downloaded separately from the snapchat app, however, as it’s linked it probably will .

  • No, it won t.

  • Yes, it will delete your memories. I did it cause it was messing up and I really regret it.

  • No it will not, you just login to your account after reinstalling it and your memories should still be there

  • no it will not. your memories stay with your account. the only way you would lose your memories is if you were to delete your snap chat account. so no, uninstalling the app will not delete your memories!

  • no it will not delete them

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