If I drink a cup of bleach every day will i have white teeth?

Id like to have really white teeth like a celebrity. So Im guessing if i drink bleach (1 cup a day) for about a week that will do the trick. Am i right?

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  • YES……so they can be pretty and white for your FUNERAL!!!!…..just use whitening strips or ask a dentists for a HEALTHY way….you can even use those toothpaste that have a boost of extra whitening

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    First of all i would not recommend whiteining toothpaste. It has an ingredient in it that scratches the surface of the tooth making tiny little cravices for staining to get into. It could be the mouth wash u are using. listerine is very strong and you may not need to use it. If you use it to remove the plaque building up you can simply use water and a pea size bit of toothpaste and swash it around your mouth. Its the movement you make that removes the plaque not the actual mouthrinse. If you use listerine because it makes your breath feel fresh why not chew sugar free gum? Try cutting out the listerine and see what happens. If nothing does then it may be that your teeth are naturally that colour. teeth are not ment to be simon cowell white. They are metn to have a lilttle offish colour to them. If it really bothers you that much i would book an appointment with your dentist and speak to him re this. He might be able to make you some home whitening trays. These are clear rubbery molds of your teeth which you wear at night. All you have to do is place a drop of the bleach your dentist will spupply you with on the desired whitening area on your clear tray and place them in your mouth when you go to bed. The good thing about these is you can use them till you are at your desired shade and then put them away and when you feel you need to use them again just do the same all over again. Easy. You might feel that your teeth are more sensitive when using these trays and thats about the only downside. Hope i have been of some help.

  • haha if you want to die!!

    try this:


    i use it regularly and it keeps my teeth white and looking great. It only costs like $30 AUD including the tray for you teeth and a couple of syringes with the gel, Which is cheap compared to the dentist. I put my trays in about twice a week for an hour each and you can notice the difference straight away. I also use it before i have a special occasion and take it out right before i leave.

    I get lots of compliments on my white teeth which is good, lol once i had a friends mum ask me if I’ve been ‘sucking on bleach’. haha she was over-exaggerating but you can definitely notice the before and after difference. It doesn’t hurt your teeth it just feels a little uncomfortable with the tray in your mouth.

    I asked around heeps before buying any products and i compared prices, at one stage i was going to go to the dentist and get it professionally done but i’m glad i chose this product for like .05% of the price. Ive actually ordered it twice within the past year and am using my second lot now.

    Hope this helped.

  • Is this a joke? How will swallowing poison make your teeth white? It will be going down your throat, not sitting on your teeth. Oh, yeah, and then (like everyone else has said) YOU WILL DIE. This is a bad plan.

    Why don’t you try going to a DENTIST? THAT’S PART OF THEIR JOB DESCRIPTION.

  • Bleach is pretty much a poison. Even if you didn’t swallow it and just used it as a mouthwash, it would be bad. I hope you’re joking, because if people really are this dumb, maybe they deserve the Darwin Award.

  • Your corpse will have the loveliest teeth in the funeral home it will be such a shame that you’ll be bald and gone orange from liver failure by that time. I mean seriously are you joking, you have to be joking.

  • actually your teeth will probably be red from the bleeding caused from stomach ulcer and the damaged gums, your throat may also be burned!

    PLEASE do NOT attempt without talking to a dentist or physician!

  • There was a Dead Milkman’s song in the early 90s with the lyric, “I’m so bored I’m drinkin’ bleach!”

    Maybe that’s why they’re dead milkmen?

    Anyway, don’t drink the bleach. It would be bad.

  • or you will burn your esohogus lungs tounge and dissenegrate your enamal oh ya and probably die. Why dont you buy the strips go to your dentist or those things in the mall?

  • No. You would die if you drink a cup of bleach.

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