If I return a merchandise from Victoria’s secret, do I have to also return the free gifts that came with it?

I ordered about $100 worth of clothing from Victoria’s Secret, which qualified me for free gifts, such as a bag and lip gloss. I am not happy with two of the three sweaters (because it doesn’t fit me right) so I want to send them back for a return. If I do this, do I also need to return the free gifts that I was also sent? I don’t want them to charge me for them, saying I should pay for them since I am returning the purchases.

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  • yes you have to send the gift back becuase your spending $100 on clothes so you get a free gift so if you send everything back it means you didnt spend $100 on clothes becuase you returned it!

    one time they had this sale at Victoria Secret that if you spend more than $20 on bra’s you get a little pink Victoria Secret dog and my sister took her bras back and so she had to give the dog back or buy it for $10 becuase thats how much it coast if you didnt buy $20 worth of bras!!

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  • No U don’t have to as per Victorias Secret policy, a gift is a gift and u will keep it even if u returned the merchandise 🙂

  • Only if the gift is free. You dont need to return it. But if you’re still not sure, call Victoria’s Secret and ask a custumer service representative.

  • There have to be more important things to worry about in life. You did’nt take it deliberately, they probably don’t want it back – it is likely to be of such small value that they made it’s cost back many times over from the goods that you purchased. Dont worry about it.

  • I had this same question a couple weeks ago. I called and asked them. No, you don’t have to send the gifts back. They are yours to keep!

  • I made a return with a free gift and they demanded it back, she was quite rude about it.

  • Honestly I think you should be able to keep them since you are keeping one of the sweaters. Just call and ask them though.

  • Thank you all for your answers and opinions.

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