If I were to close/end a letter with “Admirably yours,” what would that mean?

Would it be taken as I (the writer) admire the person being written to?

Or is it incorrect – that it means that I admire myself?

Is there any way I could write a similar closing with the same feeling to it, that I admire that person? Any ideas welcome 🙂

Ok so it is wrong – it just doesnt work. So what could I say instead?

4 Answers

  • It could be taken as you admiring the person being written to. Admirably is an adverb similar to sincerely, respectfully which are commonly used as complimentary closes in letters.

  • Sounds like Admirably yours would mean that you admire that you belong to them.

    Maybe you can say that you admire them and then say love always or truly yours.

  • well it means that you admire that person so theres ntohign wrong with it you could always use yours truly

  • Sincerely yours

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