If pink is the flavor, solve the riddle?

- From a Beyonce song

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  • It's pretty obvious, not a riddle at all really. The other lines in the song kind of give it away

  • Pink is the flavor for Salmon Cowell.

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    There are so vary many things a dog (or human) can be allergic to both from food as well as environmental allergies. Sometimes after years and years we figure it out, unfortunately for the dog it may only be the last couple of years before its figured out what the dog is reactive to. If you suspect the autoimmune reaction as being the culprit of your dogs reactions, you have a lot of reading to catch up on, and many many articles to read up on. It's kind of like going to ear equipt with pen and paper. I have known people with dogs allergic to strange things such as carpeting, the underpad liner for the carpeting, the glue for the linoleum on the kitchen floor, in a friends mobile home they found that the pressboard used for the floor had formaldehyde in part of its makeup, the dog was allergic to that, had no hair, and continual eye problems to the point where the corneas had an opaque covering on them. They ended up selling their place and moved to an older house that did not have any modern glues or sealants. You might want to read up on dog allergies, symptoms etc, the easiest would be to try food allergies, your vet can explain the diet you would need to keep your dog on and for how long, then introduce an item at a time to rule out any grain allergies. Some theories say that raw food diets will help animals with allergies and immunosuppressant problems. I don't know if there is medical proof or any evidence showing hat raw diets are better, but there are a lot of people that have converted over to them. Try and think back to when the dogs symptoms first started, go back 6 months earlier than that - there is your approximate start time to check from. Questions would be, any new furniture, carpeting, bedding both people and dog? Even if you changed from a wood or plastic bed frame for the dog to metal, the coating may be something he is reacting to,plastic caps on the floor etc. dog food - is it the same exact brand? No flavor changes, no new or improved? No new flavor enchanters to the food? If not call the manufactur and ask outright if they have had any changes in their formula at all. You may have to leave your name and number for someone higher up than the phone people to call you back. Let them know you are calling to find out iritis possible to have a food allergy to what the dog has been eating for years, you will be surprised. I called the place that makes my dogs brand of food, found they changed their grain from corn/beet pulp formula to oat/barley and something else. When I asked why they didn't announce the change,MIT was said since the caloric intake remained the same, fiber remained the same, the ingredients were listed on the bag, proteins etc etc were the same, they found the barley and oat was more coat effective and had the same as. Blah blah blah... Less than 10% change they did not have to report it to everyone, since essentially the food value was considered the same. Blah. Blah..... After 30 years using the product, and after the drone of an answer of whatcha-goinna-do-about it. I switched products. Simple as that. After staying up with my dogs several nights trying to figure what the heck they got to, moving back chicken rice for 2 weeks - we found it was the food. Something that simple. Your dog may have a simple food allergy, they may have put egg rather than some other protein, or switched rice with beets or peas or peanuts, you never actually know what a dog may react to. The next area thought sounds silly, do you have any different floor products, laundry detergents, new plants in the house, another pet? One that blew past us one time was the neighbors were avid horse people, their garage looked like a barn on the inside with all the hay bales, straw, saddles, harnesses - only thing missing was the horse. Our bulldog mix ended up spoor pathetic pink scaled creature that constantly snorted and had snot like stuff coming from her nose. We mentioned out neighbors had horses and the vet did some test on her and we found it was the citronella and some other thing she was reacting to. My brother was nice enough to trade her with his monster named Fender. (Big black and grey dog 95 pound car chasing dog). Sophie's condition took about a month to clear up but he noticed a big difference within a week. After 6 months you wouldn't have been able to recognize the dog, she became a pillow pet for his kids, and she had a pink collar and bows. Good luck with your hunt, I wish I could tell you it was just your throw rigor something simple like that. Your dog was fine up until a certain time period. It may be a biological problem like the vet thinks, it may be autoimmune that has become a biological or a combination of both. Doing some detective work and ruling out for sure what it is not is the only way you will know for sure. I got lucky in the fact my brother and I are always switching out dogs, and working and training each others dogs - not everybody has that opportunity, it was sheer dumb luck on my part.

  • Red 40 was one of the ingredients.

  • what smells like fish

  • Potato

    Because purple aliens wear sombreros

  • Then lick the sunset.

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