If Russia interfered in the election, it happened during Obama’s administration, so it’s his fault. Is he a Russian stooge?

He should be investigated and prosecuted, for either incompetence or corruption. There’s just no other way to look at it.

LMAO @ liberals predictably running away from pinning responsibility on Obama – responsibility in all forms simply terrifies you, doesn’t it? Too funny!

6 Answers

  • Well, then there’s John Podesta’s deep Russian business connections. Some lead straight to the Russian State. Via that nation’s largest bank.

    It sounds more and more like democrats want to spread hatred against and even war with Russia for one reason only….To secure an easy welshing on the debt they owe to Putin and Russia. A welshing WE will pay the price in blood for. A welshing out on monetary and influence they shook hands with Russia for. Then lost the election and ability to pay.

    Because of a now dead 27 yr old democrat staffer, Asange, a pedophile husband of Hillary’s closest confidant and Comey’s wishy-washy public airing of Hillary’s misdeeds.

  • Yeah he’s their Moe

  • So very true.

  • Thank you for sharing your thought processes.

  • obama is just a stooge

  • Your gold metal for mental gymnastics is in the mail.

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