If someone is mid 30s and can’t afford to move out by then, arebt they losers?

I was 22 when I graduated college and my father was a CEO. Once I got my degree I was able to land a manager position with some help and began making 6 figure. Been on my own since and been married with 3 children. I did it. There’s no excuse why others can’t and if they can’t then they are losers to boot. I’m 35 now and am a winner. I look down on those who haven’t made it.

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  • And one day you will be struck low so that others can look down on you who once had it and then lost it. Big loser. You never know what life will hand you and what is life today can change in the blink of an eye. One day and perhaps through no fault of your own it could be you facing hard times. Sometimes life will teach you a lesson by making you become one of those you now snear and look down upon.

  • yes they are

  • “With some help” being the operative words. You are on crack if you think you’re in a position to lecture about being a self-made man. It really doesn’t get more pathetic than boasting on Yahoo!Answers

  • Nice rant. Feel better?

    It’s not the same economy that existed when your daddy gave you your job.

    Real winners never use that term. You won the lottery, that’s all.

    It din’t make you a better man.

  • You didn’t make it, your dad did and got it handed to you. Without him, you’d likely be that college graduate who can’t find a job.

    Me, I have a PhD and a 6 figure career myself. The difference here, I did it all on my own. I paid for my own school. I got my job on my own and because I am qualified for it, my daddy didn’t do it for me.

    My husband also has a 6 figure career. His parents are wealthy so they paid for his education and helped him financially for that and while he was training to become a doctor. His mom is also a doctor but she didn’t have his job handed to him or help him get it. He did that on his own, through is own hard work. He’s a doctor because he loves helping people, the money he makes and the life that affords him/us is just a bonus. He doesn’t look down on anyone, he’s kind to everyone. His siblings are doctors too and none of them are like you either. They are all very humble and very compassionate.

  • Considering for the first time in US history, more males 35 and under are still at home then out on their own. There is much more to this issue then them just being losers. I was out at 17, my wife was out at 19, but that more then 30 years ago, totally different time. We now have more then a generation of young men that see no future, no hope, hey have no direction, no idea of any direction. This issue has steadfastly been increasing for 15/20 years now and unless we wake the hell up and start addressing it. We are going to have millions and millions of angry, desperate, nothing to loos, non caring males getting violent. Even Obama acknowledge the issue, started to address it way back in his first term but when the studies pointed to public schooling as the first hurdle. He received so much pressure from special interest he shut it down.

  • Seems like you lost out on qualities like humility, insight, empathy, and compassion. I think that makes YOU the loser.

  • Favoritism, Cronyism, and Nepotism account for the majority of management & 6 figure income positions. One-third of all Fortune 500 firms account for about three-fifths of all employment through nepotism, cronyism or favoritism. That isnt making it or being a winner, its having others make a way for you. Accomplishing 6 figure & higher incomes through education, hard work & perseverance is being a winner…. you didnt do that so youre just another pompous jerk who has a job that, (was created for them), that someone else truly deserves.

  • Then you are a Fu..ing pussie. You look down on other/s not as well of than you?. I feel sorry for you,thinking YOUR better than others just makes you a judgmental loser and I pity you because you’ll always think that way and that’s just sad. If I were you I would hang myself to make a better world,because with you in it the world is a little less good

  • Well I wouldn’t call you a winner with that ego, but whatever makes you feel better.

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