If the absolute temperature of a gas is 600 K, the temperature in degrees Celsius is?

A. 273°C. B. 327°C. C. 705°C. D. 873°C.

8 Answers

  • B. 327°C

  • B. 327

  • 600-273=327c ans B

  • 0°C is the same temperature as 273.15°K and the magnitude of their degrees is the same, so 600°K is (600 – 273.15)°C = 326.85°C, approx B 327°C

    converting °K to °F is not so straight forward because the magnitude of a degree°K is 1.8 times as great.

    600°K is (600*1.8 – 273.15)°F = 806.85°F

    Source(s): www.sizes.com/indexes.htm
  • temprature in celsius is



  • ???°K = 273 + ???°C

    answer is 327°C

  • B. 327C

  • 326.85

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